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Why and what is the benefit of the service


Training of workers, management and directors forms an integral part of acceptance of health and safety in the workplace and leads to the culture shift that is often required to ensure full acceptance and implementation. Our consultants are experienced at developing systems, auditing compliance, and educating workers. We therefore have an excellent understanding of the common problems and solutions, and this makes great trainers.

We offer training modules for asbestos awareness and hazardous substances that are a legal requirement, as defined in the relevant regulations. We always keep this training relevant and levelled at your degree of risk. Our trainers are either experienced consultants or qualified occupational hygienists, holding relevant tertiary qualifications and membership of NZISM or NZOHS.


What we offer:


Safe and Sound Solutions tailor training modules to suit your budget, company size, and the level of detail required. Upon completion, we provide your business with an attendance register and certificates of attendance.

Our training modules include:

  • Health and safety basics for foremen, supervisors and managers
  • Director and officer due diligence and responsibilities
  • Asbestos Awareness for those who may come into contact with asbestos or require the skill to identify it
  • Respiratory fit testing and associated respiratory risk e.g. crystalline silica
  • Hazardous substance competency for those working in and around chemical substances
  • Health and Safety introduction for Reps
  • Major Hazard Facility chemical scenario training
  • Incident Investigation Customised H&S Awareness Training to meet YOUR business requirements.

Legal requirement (if applicable)


The training modules for asbestos awareness and hazardous substances are a legal requirement defined in the relevant regulations but we always keep this training relevant and levelled at your degree of risk.

  • Asbestos removalist have us to design and deliver asbestos modules based on the approved code of practice for their workers.
  • Electrical contractors have asked that an asbestos, silica and chemical awareness module is developed for all their staff to attend.
  • A leather tannery has asked us to design and deliver to all staff a module around chemical awareness and hydrogen sulphide


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