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Safe & Sound Solutions provide workplace safety and quality assurance services to businesses in Christchurch and wider New Zealand as required.

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Safe and Sound Solutions was established in 2002 and has been providing health & safety and compliance services to companies across a wide range of industries from agriculture,construction and manufacturing, outdoor adventure tourism through to education, office administration and local body government.

We understand that changes to workplace safety laws have left many businesses confused about their compliance requirements. We also believe that a “cookie-cutter” approach to workplace safety is not the answer.
Based on years of experience in the safety industry, Safe & Sound Solutions are able to deliver your business sound safety and compliance solutions, no matter your size or industry.

Choosing a competent and trusted consultant is important and the HASANZ register contains a list of qualified and experienced Health and Safety consultants and we are pleased to say that Charles is on this register.

You can check out this register – https://register.hasanz.org.nz/

Make health & safety in your business one less thing to worry about, contact us today.


What we offer
  • 16 years experience
  • Qualified & accredited industry professionals
  • SafePlus accredited assessors
  • Consultants will be on the register held by Health & Safety Association of New Zealand HASANZ
  • Multi-industry experience
  • Safety plans / SSSP / Risk Assessment
  • Inspection & audit
  • Software & equipment hire
  • Locum services/training
  • Environmental and quality solutions
  • Noise, dust and fumes
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