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Meth Testing

What is methamphetamine testing?


Methamphetamine surface testing is a method of detecting the presence of methamphetamine on surfaces such as walls, floors, furniture, and other objects in a building or area. This testing is typically conducted when there is suspicion or evidence of methamphetamine use or production in a home, apartment, or vehicle.


Why should I do methamphetamine testing?


A property that has been used for the production or use of methamphetamine can become contaminated with the drug and its by-products, which can result in a decrease in property value. Surface testing can help identify any contamination, which can then be remediated through professional cleaning and decontamination.
Additionally, methamphetamine is a highly toxic substance that can cause serious health problems, including skin irritation, respiratory issues, and neurological damage. Surface testing can detect the presence of methamphetamine and its related compounds, allowing you to take appropriate measures to protect yourself and others from exposure.


How is methamphetamine testing done?


Surface testing can be done with a variety of methods, including swab testing, wipe testing, and bulk sampling. The samples collected during surface testing are then analysed in an accredited laboratory to detect the presence of methamphetamine and any other related compounds. If a positive test result is obtained, it indicates that the area has been contaminated with methamphetamine and may require professional cleaning and decontamination.


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