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Major Hazard Facilities
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Major Hazard Facilities (MHF)


In 2016 the regulations pertaining to Major Hazard Facilities were established and WorkSafe NZ commenced enforcements. The Major Hazard Facilities (Lower and Upper tier) regulations apply to PCBUs that possess, use, or store hazardous substances of certain classifications and quantities. Safe and Sound Solutions has been assisting clients to meet these requirements including critical risk assessments and bow tie’s, determining safety critical elements, documenting Major Accident Prevention Policies (MAPP), Emergency Response Plans, Safety Cases, Safety Assessments, and Safety Management Systems (SMS).

Major Accident Prevention Policy
  • A Major Accident Prevention Policy (MAPP) documents a businesses commitment to controlling and preventing major accidents. It is a top level policy document implemented via a safety management system.
Safety Critical Elements
  • Safety Critical elements are those items of plant or equipment at a major hazard facility that are intended to be the last lines of defence against a major incident and its consequences.
  • Safety Critical elements identification.
  • Safety Critical elements management.
  • Safety Critical elements assessment and review.
Major Accident Emergency Response Plan
  • Emergency response plan creation
  • Scenario based training
  • Mock accident
  • Desktop response exercises
  • Hazardous substance management and spill response training
Safety Case
  • Bow ties
  • Assessment of critical risks
  • Safety assessment
  • Safety case documentation
Safety Management System
  • Safety management system creation
  • Safety management system reviews
  • ISO certified systems
Accident investigations
  • Manage the scene
  • 24 hour call out
  • Notify Worksafe
  • Detailed ICAM report
  • Root Cause and Corrective Actions identified
  • High profile experience
  • Fatalities and Mass Casualties
  • Legal Privilege
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