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Personal Protective Equipment


Selecting the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) and respiratory protective equipment (RPE) is essential for protecting your workers from workplace hazards. Safe and Sound Solutions has industry experts to assist you with selecting equipment that provides the correct level of protection to your workers. Furthermore we can help with the development of PPE programs such as a hearing conservation program or respiratory protection program which are required under the relevant New Zealand Standards. We also offer nationwide respirator fit testing.

What we offer
Respiratory Protection
  • ASNZ 1715:2009
  • Identification of Required protection factors
  • Training on use, cleaning, and maintenance
  • Respiratory protection program
  • RPE Fit Testing
  • Workplace Exposure Monitoring
Hearing Protection
  • ASNZ 1269:2005
  • Identification of Required Class (1-5)
  • Training on use, cleaning, and maintenance
  • Training on correct fitting
  • Hearing conservation program
  • Noise Monitoring & Noise Surveys
Protective Cloting
  • ASNZ 2161:2005
  • Selection of Chemical protective clothing
  • Interpretation of breakthrough times and chemical resistance
  • Training on use
  • Training on Personnel and Clothing Decontamination
  • PPE program
  • Glove removal training
Specialty Gear
  • Heights Safety Gear
  • Confined Space Gear/Entry
  • Personal Gas Meters (Use, Training, and Calibration)
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