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Tōtika Prequal



Tōtika is New Zealand’s recently launched nationally recognised cross-industry health and safety pre-qualification scheme, delivering a common pre-qualification standard and process for construction contractors and suppliers, governed by Construction Health and Safety New Zealand (CHASNZ).

Often contractors / suppliers have to achieve different pre-qualifications to gain contracts with different clients, meaning they have to submit multiple pre-qualifications.

The  objective  of  Tōtika  is  to  create  a  fair  and  equitable  system  where  they  only  have  to  carry  out pre-qualification  once  for  all  buyers  of  their  services. It  achieves  this  through

  • A standardisation of  prequalification  providers/schemes
  • A standardisation of  what  buyers  want  from  suppliers  in  terms  of  pre-qualification
  • Recognition of  selected  external  audits  of  suppliers,  as  an  alternative  to

Put simply, if you prequalify through one of the member schemes, you can use that for any client that use Tōtika. The member schemes are currently qualify365, IMPAC PREQUAL, SHE PRE_QUAL and Pegasus PRE_QUAL. Alternatively, if you have a recognised certification or external assessment (e.g., ISO 45001. Q-Safe or SafePlus) you can use that instead.

Tōtika  is  not  another  pre-qualification  system but  is  the one  scheme  that  brings  all  quality  pre-qualification  together  under  one  umbrella  that  makes  the  process  cheaper  and quicker  for  everyone.

Several large-scale supply chain leaders such as Downer, Fulton Hogan, Fletcher, Higgins and Canterbury DHB are already using Tōtika.

Safe and Sound Solutions can help guide you through the Tōtika process. If you need any support or advice please get in touch.

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