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Confined Space Work

What is a Confined Space?


Worksafe defines a confined space as an enclosed or partially enclosed space, is not intended or designed primarily for human occupancy and may present a risk from one or more of the following:

  • Unsafe concentration of harmful airborne contaminants
  • Unsafe concentration of flammable substances
  • Unsafe levels of oxygen
  • Substances that can cause engulfment


Examples of confined spaces that may be present in a workplace include:

  • Storage tanks (fuel and hazardous chemicals etc.)
  • Vaults and underground utility structures
  • Silos, bins, and hoppers
  • Pipelines and ductwork


Confined space work is covered by an Australian Standard: AS 2865 Confined Spaces and typically involves creation of a work plan, creation of a rescue plan, issuing a permit allowing the work to commence, pre-entry atmospheric testing, and regular ongoing atmospheric testing via worker mounted personal gas meters. Pre-entry and regular testing of the air in ta confined space is important as oxygen and gas levels can change quickly. Safe & Sound Solutions can assist with pre-entry atmospheric testing and real-time monitoring of workers while they are working in the confined spaces using the latest multi-gas meters, as well as all your confined space entry permitting and risk management processes (work and rescue plans). Our most advanced gas meter has hot-swappable gas sensors allowing us direct detection of over 20 gases with ppb level accuracy, compared with the typical O2, LEL, H2S, CO, and VOC of most meters on the market.


Safe and Sound Solutions


We offer extensive experience and knowledge in confined space testing for a variety of industries and understand the unique challenges surrounding confined spaces. Our team has years of experience in various fields and is well-versed in the latest testing methods and technologies, will provide expert advice to ensure the safety of workers and compliance with necessary standards. With our expert guidance, you can have confidence that your confined spaces are safe and compliant. Trust us to help you protect your workers, minimize liability and keep your business running smoothly.


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