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Dust Monitoring

What is personal dust monitoring?


Personal dust monitoring is a method of measuring the amount of dust that a worker is exposed to during their normal job tasks. It involves the use of a personal air sampling pump, that is worn by the worker during their shift. The equipment draws in air through a small filter, which captures any dust particles that are present. After the shift is over, the filter is removed and analysed to determine the concentration of dust particles in the air that the worker was breathing. This concentration is then compared to the Workplace Exposure Standard (WES) relative to that specific dust of concern.

What dusts can be monitored?


We can monitor a range of particulate from general inhalable and respirable dusts, to more specific contaminants such as: Respirable crystalline silica (RCS), diesel particulate matter, wood dust, sugar dust, flour dust, metal particulate, metal fume, man made mineral fibers, asbestos, aerosols, mists, alkaline dust, acid mists, and many others.

Why use Safe and Sound Solutions?


At Safe and Sound Solutions, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality service when it comes to measuring personal dust concentrations in the workplace. Our team of highly qualified and experienced occupational hygienists make use of the latest technology to accurately measure dust levels and determine the level of exposure. We are dedicated to identifying and controlling dust hazards, implementing appropriate control measures, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations. We understand the importance of protecting workers from the negative health effects of dust and take a proactive approach to ensuring the safety and well-being of employees.


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