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Welding Fume Monitoring

What is metal welding fume monitoring?


Falling under the scope of exposure monitoring, metal welding fume monitoring is one of the more common hazardous substances measured for personal exposure in the workplace. It refers to the process of measuring and assessing the concentrations of fumes and gases employees are exposed to during the various methods of metal welding.

Why undertake metal welding fume monitoring?


Welding can produce a variety of harmful fumes, particles and gases, including lead, copper, zinc, hexavalent chromium, ozone, and nitrogen oxides, to name a few. These can be dangerous to the health of welders and other nearby workers if inhaled.

How can Safe and Sound Solutions help me?


By utilizing Safe and Sound Solutions’ expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we can assist you with protecting the health of your workforce from the harmful effects of welding fumes, thereby avoiding possible work-related illnesses and ensuring compliance with regulations.


Contact us today and one of our Occupational Hygienists will be in touch to discuss how we can assist

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