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Safety Plans

Every business needs a safety plan. The accident reporting, accident register, emergency plan and hazard and risk assessment components of our safety plans are legally required by the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. A safety plan documents how your business has prepared and implemented systems to manage hazards and risks that your business may face.

What we do
Safe and Sound Solutions will:
  • Scope the services with you and agree on what you need
  • Tailor documents, plans and forms to meet your needs
  • Request feedback with regards to fit of business and operations
  • Supply documents in editable versions for you to use
  • Train key staff
  • Assist with implementation
  • Review your progress after a few months
Safe and Sound offers the following packages
Contractor pre qualification
  • SiteWise
  • Impac Pre qual
  • IS Net World
  • SSSP
  • Risk Assessment Documents – e.g – JSA



Community events / sports
  • Structured approach
  • Low cost
  • On the day help
  • Volunteer briefings
Compliance Documents - (ISO45001 and AS/NZS4801)
  • Fully documented manuals
  • Forms and support documents
  • Advice and support
Small business plan
  • Low risk and under 10 employees
  • Simple, yet structured policies
  • Key legal aspects
  • Suite of basic forms
  • Follow up review
Comprehensive plan
  • Fully compliant plan
  • Includes planning, rehab
  • Comprehensive suite of forms
  • Implementation plan
  • Excel training and event register
  • Training for key staff
  • 6 monthly review
What do we include with our safety plan packages?
  • We offer locum services – visiting and assisting on a regular basis
  • Available in times of need and crisis (such as serious accidents)
  • 0800 number contact
  • Regular audits and reviews
  • Consultancy that is easy and cost-effective to source
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