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Locum services

Safe and Sound Solutions have been providing locum services to a range of well-established Canterbury companies for many years. To these companies, the ability to call on reliable qualified consultants at any time without having to employ them under a fixed salary has proved hugely beneficial. Our consultants offer a wide range of industry experience and skills and a proven ability to provide relevant advice and resources.


Safe and Sound Solutions has provided H+S support services to the Aotea Group for 16 years.
Aotea has always found this service to be exemplary and would have no hesitation in recommending Safe and Sound Solutions as a professional industry leader in their field.

Mike Daniel
Aotea Group Holdings Ltd

What we do
  • Scope your needs
  • Visit as required
  • Deliver a quality service
What we offer
  • Documentation developed and maintained
  • Drug and alcohol policy
  • Hazard / risk registers / task analysis
  • Regular meetings and toolbox
  • Induction and training
  • Critical events / serious accidents
  • Workplace inspections
  • Harness and heights equipment inspection
  • Health & safety systems auditing
  • Admin / system support
  • Fire drills
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Contractor management
  • Board & senior management reports
  • Fume, dust and noise
  • Health monitoring eg hearing, lung function, vision, wellness
  • Other discretionary work
  • Two monthly electronic newsletters
  • 0800 Information Line 24 hours | 7 days a week
Additional support
  • Regular newsletters
  • 0800 number contact
Safe and Sound Solutions tailor your business training and induction packages to suit your risks, skill and training base and group size. These courses can be
What we do
  • Scope
  • Tailor the training to your needs
  • Professional delivery
  • Provide certificates
  • Safe and Sound endorse the use of Brackens Online Training Platform¬† that offers an exciting way for business to undertake core requirements i.e inductions/inhouse training and online earning solutions.¬† Contact us to learn more about this option….


Core training
H & S at Work Act and Duties
  • Duties
  • Due diligence
  • Risk V hazard
  • Incident notifications
  • H & S reps & duties
Asbestos competency for workers
  • Identification
  • Plans
  • Controls
  • Testing
  • Clearance
Workplace representatives
  • Duties
  • Elections
  • Rep ratios
  • Powers
  • Expectations
Accident investigation
  • Act duties
  • Notifications
  • Causation models
  • Investigation
  • Close out
Drug and alcohol
  • Policy
  • Standards
  • Impairment
  • Testing
  • Rehab process
Other training
  • Heights and harness
  • Elevated work platforms
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