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Safe & Sound Solutions supports and endorses “Vault” compliance software.


Combining a comprehensive cloud-based platform with easy to use

  • mobile apps, you can ensure your people are protected, more engaged and more productive, all while your business reaches health and safety compliance (Vault contains all the modules required to meet AS/NZS 4801 compliance & the latest legislative requirements).


    Vault Intel started in Christchurch over a decade ago, and last year listed on the ASX. They are a company committed to helping improve the safety of your people and workplaces through investing in the use of smarter technology.


    They have a large customer base of all sizes across all business sectors, and have an impressive development path which includes industry specific mobility apps, contractor management and providing open integration with other solutions. So when you implement Vault to provide for your current compliance you’ll improve productivity, reduce costs and streamline your business process like never before.


    Contact us to arrange a demonstration or for further information and pricing.


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  • Equipment

    Safe & Sound Solutions are able to provide in-depth answers for all of your equipment-related questions and can provide recommendations for a number of workplace tasks. Equipment rental also available.

    To order or enquire about availability, email us.

    What we do
    • Supply and maintain
    • Inspect and calibrate
    • Test and tag
    • Delivery or pick up
    • Heights equipment
    • Confined space meters
    • Test and tag of heights equipment

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