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Noise / Dust / Fumes


Where there is the potential for injury or illness to arise from the presence of noise, chemicals, dust or biological hazards, then the PCBU (Person Conducting Business Undertaking/business owner) must determine the level of risk.

Safe and Sound can be contacted to provide a scope and quotation for any noise work that a workplace (PCBU) may require.



For Dust and Volatile Chemical Surveys or determination of workplace exposure levels please contact us for further information.




What we do
  • Scope and cost the work
  • Use competent and qualified hygienists
  • Accelerated Silicosis – Risk assessment and monitor dust levels

  • Use the latest Casella calibrated equipment
  • Provide clear written reports that meet Worksafe NZ requirements
  • Work with other experts



What we offer
  • Spot readings
  • Dosimetry readings
  • Concise reports
  • Recommend controls where possible
  • NZ Occ.Hygiene Society – W503 Noise Course (as required by Worksafe NZ)
  • Spot readings
  • Concise reports
  • Recommend actions
Fume and dust
  • Personal monitoring
  • Concise report
  • Workplace exposure standards
  • Recommend controls
  • Risk Assessment /monitor dust levels
Mould / fungal spores
  • Spot readings
  • Concise report
  • Recommend controls
Supplies and Equipment

Safe and Sound is proud to support New Zealand business and recommends Tecknosys for Occupational Hygiene equipment and supplies.


“At Tecknosys, we strive to promote a cleaner, healthier and safer environment for ourselves, our kids, and for future generations.”


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