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The old statement “He’s been doing the job for years so he must be competent” simply doesn’t stand up to scrutiny today. Now businesses are being challenged to demonstrate exactly how they have assessed workers competency in tenders, contractor prequalifications, external audit requirements and accident/incident investigations.

Given the legislative requirement to provide training and assess competency in the workplace and with over 13+ years of reference material and industry experience we have developed an extensive library of Safe Work Procedures for equipment and tasks that have no formal qualification requirement in order to give businesses a resource to address this.

Safe Work Procedures (SWP) provide clear and simple information on how to safely operate a piece of equipment/plant or perform a task. An SWP can be used as a reference point for assessing a workers competency on the safe use of equipment or carrying out a task; which was our reasoning behind their development.

You can buy from us a suite of SWP from our library to suit your business or, for a small additional fee, we can develop an SWP for you if the equipment you are using or process/task that you are carrying out is unique to your operation.
The process is
1 Select the SWP from our online order form
2 Make the required payment
3 Safe & Sound will tailor the documents to suit your business including adding your logo/name
4 We will email you the documents within 10 working days

Thank you for your request, you'll receive a confirmation email shortly.

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Workshop Sheets
Drop Saw $30
Drill Press $30
Bench Grinder $30
Angle Grinder $30
Mig Welder $30
Oxi Acetylene Cutting $30
Battery Charging $30
Cordless Drill $30
Skill Saw $30
Truck Hoist $30
Vehicle Hoist $30
Air Compressor $30
Sub Total $0
Miscellaneous Tools, Equipment and Tasks
Laser Level $30
Chainsaw $30
Spotters for Heavy Equipment $30
Shovelling and Raking $30
Manual Handling $30
Working in and Around Underground Services $30
Slinging and Lifting $30
Nuclear Density Meter $30
Sub Total $0
Mobile Plant and Equipment
Pedestrian Roller $30
Forklift $30
Use of a 4WD Vehicle $30
Use of a Utility vehicle or Car on Site $30
Front end Loader $30
Grader $30
Use of a Trailer $30
Tracked Excavator $30
Vibrating Plate Compactor $30
Reversing Plate Compactor $30
Jumping Jack Compactor $30
Roller $30
Bulldozer $30
Water cart $30
Dump Truck $30
Sub Total $0
Total $0
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