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News from recent court cases

WorkSafe NZ have taken two Invercargill companies to the court after failing to adequately guard machinery in which both cases resulted in amputations. Niagara Timber were fined $323,437 and $27,160 reparations and Marshall Industries were fined $180,000 and reparations of $53,677.70


Trade Depot for a skull fracture and head injuries after 200 kg of plasterboard fell on a worker. Trade Depot attempted to down play the injury severity. Fine $98,000 and $2400 in reparations.


A worker of Easton Agriculture of Palmerston North died when he was trapped in a potato harvester.

There was no guarding and company had no lone worker procedure. The courts could not impose a fine but indicated that it would have been in the vicinity of $330,000


Stumpmaster Ltd in North Shore District Court was fined $90k and $18,500 reparation when they failed to establish a 2 tree length exclusion zone for a palm tree they were felling and it hit a member of the public causing fractures, lacerations and resulting in 6 days in hospital.


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