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Safe and Sound Solutions offers a range of advice, policy development and operational documents including SSSP, task analysis, SWMS, checklists and forms for a range of industries. We regularly audit and check workplaces for compliance and can include this for Covid-19 compliance.

We maintain our resources and knowledge through the wide range of clients we assist and industry associations and memberships we maintain with NZISM and HASANZ.

Frequent questions

Q. How do I know whether our business can operate or not?

The Government has established alert levels that define what activities can take place and which businesses can open. Click here for the government’s levels.

Q. What does the New Zealand Government require that workplaces do before commencing work at a new level?

Every business that meets the requirement to operate under the different COVID-19 alert level must self-assess their ability to meet the restrictions and operate safely. Some typical aspects that you need to consider and plan for are

  • How will the business record and manage the requirement for contact tracing at the workplace?
  • How will you promote and educate good hygiene principles?
  • What increased cleaning do you need to do and are supplies arranged?
  • How will staff declare and report that they are well each day?
  • What arrangements are in place for activities that might involve closer contact with others from outside your work? E.g. reception, deliveries, essential work, work in other workplaces

Safe and Sound Solutions have developed several detailed COVID-19 health and safety checklists that may assist you with this process. Contact us for a complimentary copy by calling 0800 723376 or email us admin@safesound.co.nz

Q. Do we have to write down and document our safety plan for Covid-19?

The expectation of the Government, industry organisations and Worksafe NZ is that a COVID-19 safety plan is documented, implemented and reviewed by the PCBU.

You also might find that key clients will require that you submit to them your COVID-19 health and safety plan and work methodology before you can work at their workplace.

If you need resources and assistance with writing your safety plan for COVID-19, then we can help you. Give us a call on 0800 723376 or email us at admin@safesound.co.nz

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